I hope that many of you are finding a place here at Connect Church YXE in which you feel at home and comfortable to ask questions and find answers and really process what it means to be in a relationship with God. 

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about Connecting to a Cause both here in YXE and abroad. I know many people in our midst are already serving in different capacities around our city or are engaged with organizations across the globe, from child sponsorships, water projects or medical missions trips. It's been great hearing the stories of those of you who are already invested and are involved. I hope that we will be able to bring your stories to the church as a whole and hear how God has worked both in and through you, as you serve others. 

This month, we have served at The Lighthouse and I know that for many, that is a really intimidating experience. I want to say how proud I am to be part of a church of risk takers that will put their own discomfort aside and serve others. This summer, I served with a team of people from Connect who went to Zambia together to learn about and support the care workers who are daily caring for vulnerable and orphaned children in Mulenga, with Hands at Work. Again, it's not always easy to step into these opportunities, but our hope is that the more opportunities we can bring you, that you can "test drive" safely with others from Connect, that you will find the one that connects you to what God is doing in and through you.

This week and next, we will be volunteering at Food For the Hungry's Saskatoon warehouse. It's an incredible place, one you would never even probably know was there, until you hear the stories and the work that is happening in a pretty nondescript warehouse out on Ave W South. Chances are, you've passed this building and never would have guessed the amazing things coming and going there. Every week, donated medical supplies come in containers from Canadian hospitals, are sorted, refurbished and sent on to Food for the Hungry partners in developing countries across the globe. Haiti. Peru. Uganda. Bangladesh. Burundi. Those are just a few. 

Come out this week and/or next week and see firsthand what is coming and going and how it is changing the lives of so many across the globe. This is a family friendly event. If you have children who would like to pitch in, feel free to bring them. We will be sorting and folding linens and other supplies to go out to partners across the globe. 

Thursday Oct 23rd and Tuesday November 4th. Join us. Details are here.

Locally, we look to provide you with opportunities that not only give you a chance to tangibly get involved, but a chance to hear and see firsthand the differences that organizations we identify as partners are making in the lives of the most vulnerable in our city and abroad. 

Globally, we are looking for people who would be interested in joining a team to travel with Canadian Humanitarian to Ethiopia in late Feb/early March 2015. There are opportunities for people with construction related skills, nursing skills, administrative skills or just a heart to learn more about caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in a holistic manner. Canadian Humanitarian is an amazing organization and these trips are suitable for all ages to take part in. 

We are also looking for those who would be interested in being part of a team to travel with Hands at Work in Africa in the summer of 2015. This trip is an opportunity for anyone who has a desire to learn more about the work that Hands is facilitating in communities across sub-Saharan Africa to be involved. The community that we support in Mulenga, Zambia is a difficult place to live and grow in but with the support of trained local care workers, the lives of many children and families are being changed by the love and hope shared by their care workers. 

In November of 2015, there is an opportunity for those who would like to go and see firsthand the work that Marie Ens of Place of Rescue has given her life to in Cambodia. This is a trip that is a learning experience with the chance to meet Cambodians  and hear firsthand the stories of lives saved by the work that Marie has put in place to care for children who are orphaned or abandoned, as well as for families who are living with HIV/AIDS.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email Shelly(@)connectchurchyxe.com and gather more information.