If you've been around Connect Church for a while, you'll know that we give away 100% of your offering to agencies or organizations that are working with the poorest and most vulnerable in our city, our country and across the globe. 

One of these organizations is a beautiful place called Place of Rescue Cambodia. If you've heard the story of how Marie Ens, from Saskatchewan, has lived out her calling in Cambodia, you'll know how special this place is. It began as housing for families living with HIV/AIDS and as a collection of homes where children who are orphaned or abandoned, can come and live with a house mother and other children, as a family. Marie, a widow in her "retirement" years, was called by God to care for the children of Cambodia and she has built a team around her of Cambodian people to really reach out and save the lives of nearly 400 children. She is celebrating her 80th birthday this year and will be touring Western Canada, sharing the stories of the work she has been doing and how God has really used her life to reach others. She is incredibly feisty and tenacious and you'll be so inspired as you hear the things that this Mak Yeay (Grandmother, as the children call her) has to say! Don't miss it.