In the past couple of weeks, we've had two opportunities to serve at the IMED warehouse here in Saskatoon. It's not often you can do something so hands on in your own community that will make such an impact across the world. Most people have no idea that when they drive by the warehouse on Ave W South, what it is or what comes and goes through that coverall building. It is amazing!  No one would suspect the thousands of pieces of medical equipment and supplies that come and go - donated from hospitals, doctors' offices and clinics around Saskatchewan, repaired (if needed), reconditioned, refurbished and repacked according to needs lists sent from partnering communities across the globe. You can volunteer at Food for the Hungry's medical warehouse any day of the week that they are open...for an hour or for eight! You can come alone or bring a group of friends...the staff are great and super friendly! 

This week, we had several people join us, including the Friesen family whose girls did an amazing job, folding SO. MANY. TOWELS!! They were's great to find places where your children and your family can serve equally together and the Friesens were a great example, as were all the others who came out to volunteer with us! 

If you are interested in volunteering at the IMED Warehouse, contact Judy Johnston, and she'll put you to work! 

FH Canada
1225 Ave W South
Saskatoon, Sk
S7M 5W7
ph - 306-374-6776 ext 2
fax - 306-374-6771

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