For those of you who have been around Connect for a while, probably know that we give away 100% of the offerings that come in to agencies and organizations that we are confident are serving the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities and across the globe. 

Our offering envelopes have our partner agencies listed and you are able, throughout the year, choose where your resources go.  At any time, you can choose to send medical supplies to various overseas partners through Canadian Food for the Hungry, to support local shelters in providing food, counselling support, temporary shelter or affordable housing to those who have difficulty accessing stable housing or suffer from mental or physical disabilities or addictions issues. You can provide food, home visits and educational opportunities to the kids in a community across the globe through Hands at Work or you can support the work of Marie Ens' team, caring for nearly 500 children at Place of Rescue in Cambodia. All of the organizations that we profile on our ABOUT page, have been researched for financial responsibility and efficiency in their model of care. We are confident in recommending them to you for your hard earned dollars to do the most good for others. 

In 2015, we have the opportunity to serve together in many different capacities. We will continue to increase the number of local serving opportunities and do our best to provide you with chances to serve with your family or friends, or even step into on your own. 

If you are interested in serving globally, there are several opportunities as well. At the end of February, we will be joining a team of volunteers with Canadian Humanitarian to work in Ethiopia. This is an opportunity to serve for anyone wanting to participate, with an emphasis on improving the care centres where children receive meals and homework support, as well as doing some repairs and improvements on the houses where families live that are deemed unsafe or need attention for health concerns.  This trip will be about 2 weeks in length, with approximately 10 days on the ground in Ethiopia working alongside Canadian Humanitarian. Deadline for application is January 15th, 2014.

This October, we are planning a trip with Hands at Work to Zimbabwe. The dates are tentatively set for Oct 9/10 departure. Serving with Hands at Work allows you to see first hand the incredible work that local, volunteer care workers do each day providing home visits, nutritional meals and educational opportunities for vulnerable children living in the most underserved communities in Zimbabwe.  This trip will also be about 2 weeks in length with approximately 10 days on the ground in Zimbabwe working alongside Hands at Work volunteers. 

Also, due to a lot of interest, we are looking at the possibility of joining a team of camp leaders heading to Place of Rescue, Cambodia this summer. This trip would be a high energy, focused camp for  the children of Place of Rescue, with an emphasis on teaching and practicing English in an effort to provide a better future for each child. Curriculum is provided. 

If you feel connected to one of these organizations, please consider taking this step to connect on a deeper relational level with those who we support. We take our partnerships very seriously and would love to have a church filled with those who know the names and the stories and the needs of those we support and can advocate for them personally. 

If you are interested in participating on one of these teams, please contact Shelly(@) for more details.