Hi Parents!

                  Welcome back to Kids Connect. We are so excited for this coming year! We really are! We have some pretty cool things planned. The Kindergarten to Grade five kids aren’t wasting any time, September 14th we will begin a series all about the book of Exodus. Moses, Aaron and the Pharaoh will teach us lots of awesome things about the power of our God.  I have also planned a series on the Armor of God. We will learn to be fully clothed in Gods mercy, power and grace. We will also be talking a lot about the book of Proverbs. There are a lot of great lessons in that book. We will be focusing on the Proverbs that teach us to; be cheerful, be humble, be trustworthy, show restraint, think first, speak kindly, be generous and listen well. Join us in teaching your kids about God; just ask them what they learnt at church this morning. Take some time to discuss the little and the big things together as a family. I have prepared specific lessons, not to make your children memorize verses or know every detail of a specific bible story but for them to get to know their God and to learn how to be the people that he wants us to be; a happy, kind, generous, humble, and God loving people.

                  The Preschool room will run a little bit differently this year. If my volunteer numbers allow, I would like to introduce a specific bible based lesson and craft for the little ones. We will continue with free play time and snack time.

                  The Nursery kids will have the same experience as they have in the past. We are here to cuddle and play with your babies while you enjoy an hour of peace and quiet. That hour upstairs is all about your spiritual renewal and growth, it’s your time! So don’t worry about us downstairs. We are good and we are happy. (In the seldom case we aren’t- we will come and find you or text you).

                  You know that this paragraph is coming…so here it is. We need some help. We always need help. I would love to talk to you about volunteering with Kids Connect. I need volunteers primarily in the preschool and nursery areas. I do not expect my volunteers to come up with lessons themselves; I have a script all ready to go for you on Sunday morning. It requires you coming at 950am so help set up a bit and staying until the last kids leaves to assist with a bit of clean up. I understand that sometimes the hour of church upstairs is the only hour of adult time that you have get all week. I respect that. I understand that. There are other ways that you can help me too; registration, prep work, sounding board, praying for us and supply shopping. So think about, pray about it, and then pray about it some more and then send an email my way and let me know what you think.

                  Thank you for choosing to be here. Thank you for spending your precious time with us on Sunday morning. We love that you are here and can’t wait to see where this next year is going to take us. If you ever have any questions, comments, concern please find me I will do my best to address them. You can also reach me by email at  robyn@connectchurchyxe.com