Sometimes hashtags are annoying little things...and yet, sometimes they can communicate the need to get the word out on a particular subject. This coming week, beginning September 29th, we invite to join with others worldwide as we pray for an end to the Ebola pandemic. 

There is a gathering of resources and topics to pray through here on There isn't much that we can do from across the oceans to support those that are facing these incredibly fearful days...but we can stand up and say we are praying with them and for them. The call to prayer comes from SIM and many of their ministry partners worldwide...and it's attached below for you to read through and respond to. 



Please join SIM, along with many of its church and ministry partners, for a week of worldwide prayer September 29 to October 5 asking God to stop the Ebola virus in West Africa. While many organizations and nations are currently responding to the Ebola crisis, let us set aside this week to pray especially for the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea who are facing the greatest outbreaks.

Let us as individuals and churches especially set aside Sunday, October 5th, and lay hold of God for these African countries ravaged by Ebola. We encourage you to pray individually, with a friend, in groups and as families, and pray as entire churches.

The fight against Ebola in West Africa has been going on since the beginning of 2014. As the final quarter of the year approaches, the spread of this deadly disease is escalating out of control. The infection rate and death toll continue to rise; hundreds of health workers serving on the front lines to fight the disease have been taken by it; and the resources brought to bear still pale in comparison to the desperate needs. What seems to us to be a desperate situation is not impossible for God. May our prayers be heard and used by God to accomplish the impossible.

Therefore, as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, let us join together around the world for a full week of focused prayer beginning September 29 through October 5. Our desire is for prayers to be raised continually on behalf of those infected and affected by the Ebola virus, for the sick and dying, for the courageous health workers, for grieving families, for pastors trying to serve their churches and communities, for government officials and decision makers who formulate policies and responses, for protection for those working in educating communities, and for all those waking up each day to the devastation of Ebola.

Though we are troubled, we do not despair. Though we grieve, we are not without great hope. For two millennia, the Church has prioritized the sick and marginalized. We are called to do no less today.