Have you driven down 20th St lately and seen this little shack being built out of repurposed building materials from around the west side? Do you know what is going to happen this afternoon at the corner of 20th St and Ave B South? This scrappy little shack is going to open it's window and serve ice cream on 20th St. It's a small business called "The Scoop" and it is the vision come to life of my friend, Chris Randall. Chris is an incredibly kind man, a super cool dad who seriously takes his kids all over town on cool little adventures, a husband to a beautiful wife who is an amazing role model to many and who can bake like nobody's business...and a youth pastor. Chris ministers to kids that others would call "street kids" or "poor kids" or "rough kids" and he just calls them "his kids".  He has been a pillar on 20th Street at City Centre Church for years and he has a great ministry there called Street Force. One of the things he's aware of while working in his neighbourhood, is that it is difficult for "his kids" to be given a chance at a first job. So, the dream of "The Scoop" was born and with a lot of sweat and demolition and refurbishing and transporting of bits and pieces of architectural Riversdale to the empty lot on 20th, this sweet little shack was born. Today, this very afternoon, it opens to the public and I am telling you to go do something good for someone today and go buy ice cream. And then do it again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. And do not let Jenny Craig or Richard Simmons stand in your way because the sweetest thing about this little shack on 20th and Ave B South is not the ice cream. It's the students and their youth pastor who have created their own jobs in the midst of their own neighbourhoods and they've done it on their own. Well done, Chris and kids...proud to share your story! I wish you every success as you begin this adventure in earnest today!