Partners in Hope


On Sunday, September 27th, Connect YXE will host a team of dancers aged 14-20 from Place of Rescue AIDS Centre and Orphanage in Cambodia. The team will perform a program of traditional dances and provide personal insight into the amazing work of Rescue.


Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003 by retired Canadian missionary Marie Ens.  At that time Place of Rescue 1 consisted of 15 houses for families dealing with AIDS.  12 years later, Rescue now has 3 campuses: home to 448 children, 30 destitute grannies and 26 AIDS families. There are also 3 university dorms. Rescue currently provides university and vocational training to 47 of their young adults, and supports an additional 30 families off site.


At Place of Rescue, some children live at the AIDS Centre with their HIV positive mothers, others were abandoned as children, and most are orphans. Some of the children have been at Place of Rescue since they were babies; all have come from tragic circumstances. At Place of Rescue children have a new kind and loving “house mom” and new siblings (nine other children living together in a house). Their lives have changed dramatically and they now have every opportunity for a good future.  

The dancers will be performing during our Sunday service time at 10:30 am at TCU Place. All are welcome to come and 100% of our offering will go to support Place of Rescue Cambodia. 

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