July 2016 ~ Zimbabwe with Hands at Work

In July 2016, we will take a team from Connect YXE to the community we support in Sukubva, Zimbabwe. We will spend time with the Hands at Work service team and the volunteer care workers in Sukubva. Much of our time there will be spend walking with the care workers, learning their stories and working alongside them as they visit the homes of the children they care for daily. We will also spend time at the care point in Sukubva where the children come for a daily meal and for educational support such as preschool classes and help with their homework. The purpose of this trip is build strong relationships between our church and those we support in Sukubva. We want to know their names and their stories so that we can stand up and speak on their behalf. This trip is an amazing opportunity to see the work of Hands at Work and their volunteers first hand.  The cost of this trip is approximately $4000. 


November 2016 ~ Place of Rescue Cambodia

In November 2016, you can join a team travelling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From there, you will visit various historical sites and learn about the history of Cambodia and how it affects the modern rebuilding efforts of a country marked by genocide. You will visit the four sites of Place of Rescue that Marie Ens founded and developed with her team of Cambodians. You will spend time visiting the homes of the children and their house mothers, as well as hearing their stories of how Place of Rescue has changed their lives for the better.  In addition to the time you spend at Place of Rescue, you will also meet with local missionaries and other non profit organizations that are serving the people of Cambodia in a variety of capacities. This trip is a great learning experience and will give you a new perspective on the work going on around our world. The approximate cost of this trip is $3500. inclusive. 

November 2016 - Bolivia with IJM Canada

We will be taking a small team of 5 that are interested in learning more about International Justice Mission and their work in Bolivia.  This will be our initial trip with IJM Canada and will be an important step in fostering a strong relationship with the Bolivian office, who we support through Connect Church. This is a vision trip with the focus being on learning and understanding the challenges and rewards of working to provide support to those who are victims of violence and exploitation. International Justice Mission works on rescuing those who are victimized, and provides after care and support to them. As well, IJM works on resolving  legal issues of those in poverty and strengthening the justice systems of Bolivia so that those who need it, have access to fair representation.  The cost of this trip is to be determined but will be approximately $2500.  Space is limited and reserved for mature youth and adults only, due to some of the subject matter we would be exposed to. 

If you are interested in learning more about participating in any of these opportunities, please email shelly(@)connectchurchyxe.com and we can set up a time to talk about it!