Have you met Nick VanGinkel yet? Nick's been around Connect YXE since we started and can often be found in the Nursery with his girlfriend, Chelsea, volunteering to care for kids while their parents attend Sunday Connect services. 

Last month, Nick was introduced to a need in our community through an interaction with another Connect attender, Jessi, who works at Saskatoon Crisis Nursery. The Crisis Nursery provides a home away from home for children whose families are in crisis. Children come to the Crisis Nursery if they are apprehended from their parents, or if there is violence in the home or even if their parent needs someone to care for them in an emergency.  

 Nick heard Jessi talking about how the Crisis Nursery often faces budget restraints and how they could use help with donations of fresh fruit and groceries.  He caught hold of the idea that he could coordinate a group of willing volunteers to purchase and donate groceries on a regular basis, so that the children at the Crisis Nursery would have a steady supply of fresh fruits and healthy groceries. 

Nick is now taking on the role of The Community Grocery Shopper as a volunteer coordinator for the Crisis Nursery. He hopes to sign up a group of willing volunteers from Connect and send out the current needs of the Crisis Nursery on an ongoing basis. He would love to have 40 families sign up so that each family only has to donate a few items a month, spreading the burden of the load between many. 

Nick will coordinate an email list and then arrange pick ups and delivery to the Crisis Nursery in conjunction with Jessi and Robyn, two Crisis Nursery staff who also attend Connect Church.

If you are interested in buying a few extra groceries, every few weeks and having them picked up for the Crisis Nursery, please contact Nick directly at groceryshopperyxe@gmail.com.

He will also have a sign up sheet at the Info Booth in the coming weeks at Connect's Sunday services. Come say hi and hear firsthand about how Nick is connecting to a cause he feels passionate about.